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Tribute to my husband!

Posted by Courtney |

Wow!! My husband is 30 years old! Where did the time go? If feels like just yesterday when we were in high school together. Now we have been married for 8 years and have 4 beautiful children!

Nathan's birthday was on the 15th of December but we had his party on the 13th. It was such an AMAZING party, thanks to Anthony and Tracee Smith who hosted the party at their house. Everything was decorated so beautifully and the food....Oh the FOOD...was delicious! We had fajitas with all the fixins. I personally believe it was better than any restaurant we could have gone to! The goal of the party was to show Nathan how special he is. I had a little surprise up my sleeve for that...(evil grin). If anyone knows Nathan, you know that surprises are SOOO hard to keep from him. He figures anything and everything out. Well I had all his friends and family chip in to get him a Taylor guitar for his birthday. This was a big deal because you see, a few years ago Nathan had to sell his super nice Taylor guitar that he bought and paid for himself before we got married. It was a collectors edition. That guitar was his baby. And he had to sell it because we ran into MAJOR financial troubles. He felt that the only way to help provide for his family, was to sell it! Since then, I have always thought, why didn't I just refuse to let him sell it? It meant so much to him and it was a HUGE passion of his heart. I have regretted that decision ever since.

Well...when I was thinking of what I could get him for his birthday, that was the first thing that popped into my head. I just knew that I would never be able to pay for it myself (because they usually cost $1000 and up), so I sent out a secret email asking his friends and family to help out. And they did!!!!!! We were able to surprise Nathan with a Taylor 210ce and an awesome case. He was surprised out of his mind! He could not believe that we all did that for HIM!!! Our goal was accomplished :)
Here's some picture from the party

Nathan never thought in a million years that he would have another Taylor again, and while his new guitar is not quite as nice as his old one, the sound on it is AMAZING!!!! One sign that I knew he was thrilled, is when he got up the next morning, he immediately grabbed it and started playing it. It brought a tear to my eye, to say the least.

So THANK YOU AGAIN all you who made this dream come true! You have no idea what this meant to Nathan and I. Love you guys!

Nathan is the most AMAZING individual that I have EVER come in contact with. He loves the Lord with his whole heart and pushes me to grow in Him more. I love this man!!!!!! When I tell people of how great of a husband, father and friend he is, I often wonder if people really understand that I'm not lying! He is the same man at home in private that he is around hundreds of people. His character and integrity amaze me! Nathan is the BEST husband in the world, and I mean that! He is constantly serving me and the kids. I honestly think there is not one selfish bone in his body! On our wedding day, instead of taking communion, we washed each other's feet, which was symbolic of servant hood. This foundational principle we built our marriage around. To Serve one another daily and put each other's needs before our own. Nathan exemplifies this to the millionth degree! How did I get such an AMAZING husband???? I know what you're thinking, you're making him sound perfect. Well...he pretty much is. There is not a whole lot of bad things that anyone, not even his wife, can say bad about the guy! I think that speaks volumes!

So here's to you Honey!!!! I love you more than words can say! You inspire me everyday to be a better wife, mother, and lover of Yeshua!

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!! I pray that this next chapter of your life, you will see the favor of God poured out even more. That you will walk in an even greater anointing than you ever thought possible! I love you!