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Happy Birthday Judah boy!

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Today my son turns 2 years old.

I'm still amazed that I even have a son. After 3 girls I thought that I was just destined to a life of girls. Now don't get me wrong, I love having girls! Girls are so incredible! They play barbies, baby dolls, love to help in the kitchen, you get to put cute bows on them and frilly dresses. But oh my WORD they are complicated and emotional beings. Boys, on the other hand, love to rough house, play batman and spider man, can find constant entertainment with a simple stick but most of all, they aren't complicated at all. What you see is what you get. Very little ups and downs, just even keel. Quite refreshing. I'm sure the most excited person to find out we were having a boy was Nathan. He needed some more testosterone in the house to counteract 4 women. Poor Nathan and Judah :) On the plus side to having 4 girls in the house is that he has 4 women to dote over him and mother him. He eats it up. Which could be the reason he didn't start walking till he was 17 months old. Who needs to walk when you have 4 personal chauffeurs?

So today Judah Reign is 2! He came into this world in a hurry. If you want to read about his birth story click HERE

Judah has such a tenacious spirit. I believe that this is God given because of his destiny and call over his life, he will need that spirit to lead a generation who sees the coming of Christ. Judah also has this rare quality of drawing people. Everywhere we go, people are just drawn to talk to him and more often than not, people will say "There is just something different about him." I know that because of this gift, he will be able to have great impact in the nations and that people will listen to what he has to say. Judah will declare, "Prepare ye the way of the LORD" to his generation. Ahhh...I get so stirred just talking about it.

In the mean time though, Judah is completely into Spider man and batman. He told me that he wants to have a "bidaman birday" party (a.k.a Spider man birthday). HAHA!!! Didn't know boys got into this kind of stuff so early. I'm loving every minute of it though! He loves to do extravagant falls and wrestles with anyone who will engage him. He is talking so well. I can carry on an entire conversation with him now. He is just so much fun!

His day started off with the traditional birthday donuts. Then for lunch we took him + the girls to McDonalds to eat and play.
We then took him to Toys R Us where he got to pick out a special birthday present. This is what he chose

And here he is next to his favorite super hero

We will have a big birthday party for him probably next Sat. Haven't nailed down all the details yet.

Happy Birthday Judah boy! You are so loved! We couldn't imagine life without you.