Wife: "Honey?? I think it's time!"

Husband: "Time for what?"

Wife: "To go to the hospital"

Husband: "Uh...Are you sure? Oh my gosh... I mean are you sure? What do I need to do?" As he stands and scurries around like a chicken with his head cut off.

This could be the conversation you WILL have or have already had when labor begins and it's time to make the trip to the hospital. I know when I was pregnant with my first and labor began, the moment I told my husband and family that it was time to go to the hospital, complete chaos began. People were running into each other, trying to figure out what to put in the car and such. They were so freaked out that everyone ran out of the house and left me standing there alone. Sounds like a movie? Yeah I know. IT REALLY HAPPENED! If I had not been prepared (as far as my bags packed and stuff) the trip to the hospital would have been a nightmare.

So in continuing the theme of my last blog, I thought I would write a check list for your hospital/labor bag! Here is a list of things to make sure you pack with you to the hospital:

For Me:

  1. Warm comfy socks/house shoes

  2. Nursing gown and robe (don't use p.j. pants in the hospital because...well...they will get too messy)

  3. Extra pair of clothes to come home in. (bring your smaller maternity clothes, not your "normal" clothes. Chances are they won't fit that soon after giving birth)

  4. Toiletries/make-up

  5. Nursing bra

  6. Nursing pads

  7. Camera/video camera

  8. Lap top (if you have it)

  9. Ipod and speakers

  10. Chap stick (your lips get VERY dry)

  11. Pillows (however many you need to make your hospital stay more comfortable)

  12. Blankets

  13. Movies (for down times in the hospital)

  14. Cell phone chargers

  15. Magazines/book/cards

For the baby:

  1. Warm blanket (to come home with)

  2. 1 cute outfit to come home in and for hospital pictures

  3. P.j's

  4. A hat

  5. Baby mittens (they tend to scratch themselves a lot)

  6. Socks

  7. Boppy pillow

  8. Car seat

  9. Nursing cape (optional)

  10. Newborn Paci (optional)

  11. Burp cloth

  12. No need for diapers and wipes, it's provided by the hospital

For the Daddy:

  1. Extra clothes

  2. P.J.'s

  3. Pillows

  4. Blankets (A few because it's freezing in the room for "non-hormonal" people)

  5. Socks

  6. Toiletries

  7. Some snacky items

There it is! Hope it helps in preparing for your impending trip to the hospital. Yay!!! What an excting time!!! You're that much closer to seeing your precious baby!

1:25 PM

New Mommy Check List:

Posted by Courtney |

I am frequently asked by first time 'mommies to be', "What do I REALLY need" when registering and buying things for their new bundle of joy? And although this is just MY opinion, I thought I would share a list of things that have helped me and other new mommies in figuring out what they SHOULD, or SHOULDN'T, spend their money on.

Must Haves:
  1. Crib (no brainer)
  2. Sleep positioner (without the incline) http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2341851
  3. Changing table (good for storing diapers and wipes as well designates a specific place for the diaper duty)
  4. Light weight bigger blankets for swaddling
  5. Swing
  6. Bouncy seat with bright colors (Babies enjoy color and will sit there longer if it's interesting)
  7. Play mat (once again...needs to be interesting)
  8. A chair and night stand for the nursery (not a must have, but it's nice for middle of the night feedings)
  9. Chicco or anything higher brand for car seats, are amazing! They are more expensive but totally worth it. They are WAY more durable. This is the one I have http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3156650
  10. Pack 'N' Play (for road trips or over night stays-smaller the better!)
  11. Medela breast pump (If you're going to nurse)
  12. Disposable breast pads (I use Lansinoh brand)
  13. Burp cloths (not too many unless you have a VERY spit-up'y baby)
  14. Diaper bag (Love this one, totally functional http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3011087) One thing to remember about buying diaper bags, they get REALLY dirty. Don't go over board in spending tons of money on one. If you're anything like me, you gotta have more than one, cause I mean...a girl's gotta have options ;)
  15. High chair (I've always used this one for all my kids http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2508005. I'm not into big bulky items.)
  16. A stroller (If you have the money and want to invest, buy this stroller http://www.philandteds.com/classic_index.htm. My sister has this stroller and it's AMAZING!!!) A must have, if you can afford it.
  17. A Bumbo seat with tray
  18. A sling http://www.hotslings.com/ & the ones celebrities are using http://www.mammasmilk.com/
  19. Washable bibs
  20. Thick hooded towels (this is a cute one http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3430888)
  21. Cool mist humidifier
  22. Bottles and bottle brush
  23. Sippy cups (I like the First Years Take and Toss ones) Wonderful!!!
  24. Video Monitor http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2265802 and then this monitor when they get older/or you have multiple children in 1 room http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4631086
  25. Baby grooming kit
  26. Bath ring
  27. Quick read thermometer (one for the ear is the best)
  28. Shopping cart cover

Waste of Money:

  1. Wipe warmer
  2. Diaper genie
  3. Clunky stroller/car seat combo (a.k.a Graco)
  4. Over sized baby bathtub
  5. Safety locks for cabinets (they're more annoying than helpful)
  6. Non-wipe material diaper bag
  7. swaddle me blankets
  8. Fancy bibs
  9. Craddle cap remover

Ok...those are just a few products that have made my life a little easier and some that have been a complete waste of money.

7:26 AM

I can hear the sound....

Posted by Courtney |

Have you ever wondered why some sounds can calm you and put you at total peace? Why is that God allowed us to have ears to hear? He talks about in Revelations, "his voice, like the sound of rushing waters", or "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the spirit is saying"...I know He was talking about spiritual ears but I can't help but think of our natural ears in comparison. God uses the natural things to speak of the spiritual things.

So as I was sitting hear listening to the different sounds in my house this morning, I began thinking of all the sounds that make me happy and bring me peace. Here are a few I thought of:

-Coffee beans grinding
- Sound of birds chirping on a beautiful summer day
- My children laughing
- Boxed fans
- Thunder and rain
- The silence in my house at nap times
- Coffee brewing
- The sound of intercession
- Shabbat conversations around the dinner table
- Hearing my friends having fun, laughing and talking together (on girls nights)
- The ocean
- Hearing my baby cry for the first time after giving birth
- Kadyn singing at the top of her lungs
- My kids little conversations to each other when they don't know I'm listening
- The soft voice of the Lord

I then thought of what my brother had said to me one time. He asked if I had ever heard the sound of a Lion roaring right in front of me. I said, no. He then began to describe the sound. "It was like it vibrated my whole entire body. I could feel the sound in my chest. The shear power behind it was unnerving. It scared me, I'm not going to lie." He said that at the moment, he broke down and began to cry because he was immediately reminded of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This is what it must be like to hear the sound of the Lion of Judah coming for his bride. Why did God choose to use a lion when describing himself? There are much bigger and more powerful animals to use as a comparison for the Savior of the world, the one who set the universe in motion, the One who is coming at the end of the age to establish His kingdom here on earth. But then hearing the description of the sound a lion makes, it totally came together for me. The sound demands respect. A lion can be so calm and peaceful but when it needs to, it can attack and scare away any other thing that it wants to and defeat it. I am reminded of that Misty Edwards song, "I can hear the rhythm of the sound of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah." I am so glad the Lord gave us ears to hear the awesome sounds in the natural so we'll be able to distinguish the sounds in the spiritual. I am constantly blown away at God's creation. WE are God's creation!!!! He fashioned and formed us for a specific purpose and has a reason behind everything He makes. I am in awe at His creativity.

As you stop and think of all the sounds that make you happy and bring you peace, don't forget about the ONE who gave you those ears to hear. That there are specific reasons why He chose for YOU to be able to hear. BE STILL AND QUIET.....tune into His voice. Sounds simple I know but this is what the Lord was showing me this morning about Himself, so I decided to share :)

Love you all