Wife: "Honey?? I think it's time!"

Husband: "Time for what?"

Wife: "To go to the hospital"

Husband: "Uh...Are you sure? Oh my gosh... I mean are you sure? What do I need to do?" As he stands and scurries around like a chicken with his head cut off.

This could be the conversation you WILL have or have already had when labor begins and it's time to make the trip to the hospital. I know when I was pregnant with my first and labor began, the moment I told my husband and family that it was time to go to the hospital, complete chaos began. People were running into each other, trying to figure out what to put in the car and such. They were so freaked out that everyone ran out of the house and left me standing there alone. Sounds like a movie? Yeah I know. IT REALLY HAPPENED! If I had not been prepared (as far as my bags packed and stuff) the trip to the hospital would have been a nightmare.

So in continuing the theme of my last blog, I thought I would write a check list for your hospital/labor bag! Here is a list of things to make sure you pack with you to the hospital:

For Me:

  1. Warm comfy socks/house shoes

  2. Nursing gown and robe (don't use p.j. pants in the hospital because...well...they will get too messy)

  3. Extra pair of clothes to come home in. (bring your smaller maternity clothes, not your "normal" clothes. Chances are they won't fit that soon after giving birth)

  4. Toiletries/make-up

  5. Nursing bra

  6. Nursing pads

  7. Camera/video camera

  8. Lap top (if you have it)

  9. Ipod and speakers

  10. Chap stick (your lips get VERY dry)

  11. Pillows (however many you need to make your hospital stay more comfortable)

  12. Blankets

  13. Movies (for down times in the hospital)

  14. Cell phone chargers

  15. Magazines/book/cards

For the baby:

  1. Warm blanket (to come home with)

  2. 1 cute outfit to come home in and for hospital pictures

  3. P.j's

  4. A hat

  5. Baby mittens (they tend to scratch themselves a lot)

  6. Socks

  7. Boppy pillow

  8. Car seat

  9. Nursing cape (optional)

  10. Newborn Paci (optional)

  11. Burp cloth

  12. No need for diapers and wipes, it's provided by the hospital

For the Daddy:

  1. Extra clothes

  2. P.J.'s

  3. Pillows

  4. Blankets (A few because it's freezing in the room for "non-hormonal" people)

  5. Socks

  6. Toiletries

  7. Some snacky items

There it is! Hope it helps in preparing for your impending trip to the hospital. Yay!!! What an excting time!!! You're that much closer to seeing your precious baby!


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