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I can hear the sound....

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Have you ever wondered why some sounds can calm you and put you at total peace? Why is that God allowed us to have ears to hear? He talks about in Revelations, "his voice, like the sound of rushing waters", or "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the spirit is saying"...I know He was talking about spiritual ears but I can't help but think of our natural ears in comparison. God uses the natural things to speak of the spiritual things.

So as I was sitting hear listening to the different sounds in my house this morning, I began thinking of all the sounds that make me happy and bring me peace. Here are a few I thought of:

-Coffee beans grinding
- Sound of birds chirping on a beautiful summer day
- My children laughing
- Boxed fans
- Thunder and rain
- The silence in my house at nap times
- Coffee brewing
- The sound of intercession
- Shabbat conversations around the dinner table
- Hearing my friends having fun, laughing and talking together (on girls nights)
- The ocean
- Hearing my baby cry for the first time after giving birth
- Kadyn singing at the top of her lungs
- My kids little conversations to each other when they don't know I'm listening
- The soft voice of the Lord

I then thought of what my brother had said to me one time. He asked if I had ever heard the sound of a Lion roaring right in front of me. I said, no. He then began to describe the sound. "It was like it vibrated my whole entire body. I could feel the sound in my chest. The shear power behind it was unnerving. It scared me, I'm not going to lie." He said that at the moment, he broke down and began to cry because he was immediately reminded of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This is what it must be like to hear the sound of the Lion of Judah coming for his bride. Why did God choose to use a lion when describing himself? There are much bigger and more powerful animals to use as a comparison for the Savior of the world, the one who set the universe in motion, the One who is coming at the end of the age to establish His kingdom here on earth. But then hearing the description of the sound a lion makes, it totally came together for me. The sound demands respect. A lion can be so calm and peaceful but when it needs to, it can attack and scare away any other thing that it wants to and defeat it. I am reminded of that Misty Edwards song, "I can hear the rhythm of the sound of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah." I am so glad the Lord gave us ears to hear the awesome sounds in the natural so we'll be able to distinguish the sounds in the spiritual. I am constantly blown away at God's creation. WE are God's creation!!!! He fashioned and formed us for a specific purpose and has a reason behind everything He makes. I am in awe at His creativity.

As you stop and think of all the sounds that make you happy and bring you peace, don't forget about the ONE who gave you those ears to hear. That there are specific reasons why He chose for YOU to be able to hear. BE STILL AND QUIET.....tune into His voice. Sounds simple I know but this is what the Lord was showing me this morning about Himself, so I decided to share :)

Love you all


Des said...

What a great blog Courtney!

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing-that was awesome!

racheljenae said...

yes...great blog Court. I am going to the zoo in a couple weeks and i'm going to try to get the Lion to roar in my face :)

Pete & Joy said...

good stuff.

Living for another age said...

That was amazing! You need to blog a lot more. You're a really good writer. It inspired me....

Zanna said...

Great Blog!!
My kids love that song and I love to here them sing it!

bullets said...

the more natural the noise, the more in awe i am. being here at the beach is more revealing of this than ever. you hear the waves crashing and stop, think, and realistically it sounds silly to be in awe of water flowing into land. but "ears to hear" indeed. there is something about it that draws people of all creeds and colors, of all cultures and ethnicities. we are a people who are extrememly disconnected because of our business and that is why we are so intrigued about nature and as you put it "noises of lions." it's a creation by that same god that breathed life into our lungs. your blog court is a portion of revelation god has shown me here in hawaii.

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.