Ashlyn had her first school field trip to the zoo last Friday! And although it was tiring, we had lots of fun! Oh and we HAD to go on the one of the coldest days of the year. It was freaking freezing! 

Ashlyn's good friends from her class
Her whole class
This girl totally fell asleep on me in the bus on the way home. Awkward!!!!!

Then we came home and immediately got ready for Ashlyn's sleep over. She had about 3 friends (which was all I could handle for my first sleep over). All the girls had a blast! I will definitely do this again. And while it was exhausting, I had a lot of fun! The girls made their own pizzas. We set up a huge tent in the basement where they watched movies, ate lots of junk food and slept (very little). We even did make-over's on the girls! Fun had by all.
After the make-over's (Don't they look beautiful..LOL)
Rachel and Melody were so sweet to come over and help give the girls make-over's. Thanks girls! You're the BEST!!!!