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Hospital's...my second home!

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I'm starting to feel like I live at hospitals these days.

First it was my brother getting shot in the face by a random drive by shooting and NOW it's my sister in for pre-term labor. When is the maddness going to end????

Currently, I am sitting in a chair right next to my sister's hospital bed, FREEZING because she has the air turned down so low. The medicine that she was on (Magnisium suphate) made her have EXTREME hot flashes which she described as "hot oil" running through her whole body.

She is 24 weeks along which is not acceptable for going into labor. I believe that the stress of my brother being shot and the trama of it all, made Destiny's body kick start the birthing process. Poor thing :( It's awful to see your sister confined to a bed so much so that bed pan's have to be use. It's just plain awful! I wish I could take away all the pain she is feeling and go through it for her but I can't. What a helpless feeling. I was with her most of the day today just getting her what ever wasn't in arms reach of her. Even taking away a throw-up filled trash can out of the room since the nurses weren't being pro-active enough.

Let's just say it's not been the best day for my sister. They are saying that she will be going home tomorrow if she continues to not have any contractions since they took her off of the "Mag", for the next 24 hours. We need to pray people. That stuff is evil. They say it makes you feel like you have the flu but worse. So we don't have to guess that Destiny doesn't EVER want to be put back on that stuff agian as long as she lives. It looks like she will have to be on bed rest though for an undetermined amount of time. We are just praying that Destiny's body just makes a 180 degree turn tonight and that she will carry Shiloh full term.

And to top it off...Judah has been running a fever for 3 days. The last 2 nights it's gotten up to almost 104 degrees. Which means I haven't been getting any sleep cause he moans all night and can't sleep because he feels terrible. He doesn't have any other symptoms though which is so strange. Do you think our family is under attack right now?!?!? I would say...Uh, YES!!!! Enough is ENOUGH! I am sick of this. My Dad said tonight he thinks it's strange that everything that has happened, has been to the youngest boys in the family: Preston, Judah and Shiloh. Mmm...something to think about for sure.

I am so tired. Quite possibly on the verge of a breakdown. I NEED SLEEP!!! Hopefully I'll get some tonight, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming.

P.S. I hate that my first blog on my new site has to be so depressing but, what do ya do?


Mabrie said...

Well I am totally praying for you guys!! I love you!

Carrie said...

Poor Destiny, Courtney, and Judah!! I am so sorry to hear about all this going on in your family. My prayers are with you all. P.S. Judah doesn't have an ear infection, does he? Poor baby boy and mommy. I hope he sleeps better tonight.

Mel said...

Courtney! This is great - now I will have 2 bloggers to read that are both GREAT at it! :) Des is sooo blessed to have you as her sister and best friend. I'm so glad you are able to be there with/for her. I totally agree that your family is under BIG TIME attack and I'm sick of it for ya'll too! It's time for satan to go back to hell where he came from and take his devils with him!!!!! All the youngest male's being attacked in each family is a VERY interesting observation indeed! I am praying for all of ya'll... Sweet dreams when you DO get to sleep!
Luv & big hugs!
P.S. I love your bloggie name!

Des said...

You are such a good sister Courtney. You helped me SO much today and Ioooovvvveeee you!
Yeah for blogging!

Linda said...

Everyone is in my prayers. Please keep us updated on Destiny, Shiloh, and Judah. Hopefully you get some sleep soon.

mbriscoe said...

What a hard two weeks! I will be praying against all of it.
God must have something giant in store for your family right around the corner!