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Update on Destiny

Posted by Courtney |

The Dr. came in this afternoon and said that she will be staying in the hospital for one more day. Although she is doing very good, they would rather be safe then sorry.

Currently she is off of every IV drips and stuff. She is just on Procardio which she will be on for the remainder of the pregnancy. Destiny feels so much better today now that she is off of the "Evil Satan drug" as Destiny calls it. That stupid Magnesium is awful stuff but works great for people in Destiny's condition. 

So here's the plan of action:
-She will be in the hospital for one more night just to be monitored. They want her to act like she would at home so that they know what her body is going to do. Des says that she feels a little crampy which I figure is another reason why she is staying another night. 
-The Dr. is looking into an experimental drug called "17 Hydroxy Progesterone". This is supposed to help mature the baby a little more in case Destiny's body just doesn't cooperate (which it will). We're just know for sure if her insurance will cover it since it's an experimental drug. They are checking though. Apparently Destiny is a prefect candidate for this. 
-If all is well, she will be going home tomorrow, although she will be put on bed rest till she's about 34 or 35 weeks. For those of you who are counting, that's 10 weeks of bed rest. YUCK!!!! 

So that's the plan as of right now. Please continue to pray for Destiny, Jon and Lyric. They need to be covered in prayer constantly.
If any of you are interested in bringing meals to her and Jon during these coming weeks, just let me know. We are going to need all hands on deck. 

I was telling Des...this is when me living 4 houses down really comes in handy. This is going to be a long road but totally worth it cause we're going to get a healthy baby in the end!!!!
Here's a picture of Destiny today just chillin in her hospital bed! She's so cute :)


Vanessa Everman said...

We are so praying for Des and John and Lyric and Shiloh! Believing for the best.
You are such a great sister Courtney. You guys and the Briscoe girls make me want a sister that I never had so very bad.
Please let me know if I can help out in any way!!
Love you guys

Allan said...

Put us on the schedule please

racheljenae said...

ah man...I just keep praying for you guys all the time cause I know with the last month of events you all have to be exhausted so if you're not... just know it was partly my prayers :) If you need anything...watch the kids, some house cleaning, pick up food, whatever...pleeeease call me!