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She's HOME!!!!

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I'm so excited!!! She got home around 10:45 am today and with LOTS of prayer, won't have to go back till she delivers Shiloh at full term.

NO MORE HOSPITALS FOR THIS FAMILY FOR AWHILE!!! That's what I am declaring! If I never have to re-live this past September the rest of my life, will be ok with me. She is doing really good besides having to lay down for the next 10 weeks. Man that would totally suck. And Destiny is not that kind of person. She always likes to be doing something. Especially coming to see me everyday at my house :) (Sorry Des that it had to happen in your birthday month)

Speaking of birthday month....

TODAY MARKS THE FIRST DAY OF MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Happy birthday month to me. For those of you who don't know, my actual birthday is the 24th of October! This birthday will be very different because I will be celebrating it in BELGIUM!!! I honestly don't think it's going to be that great because my sister won't be there. Boo!!! Totally not happy about this. It makes me want to cry. This was going to be our first oversees trip together. I know God has a plan in all of this but just not seeing it right now. I really can't believe that we leave in about 3 weeks. That sends butterfly's to my stomach. Mostly because I am still nursing Judah and haven't even weened him yet. He hates formula and I just don't think I want to pump the whole time in Belgium. Oh man, I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it. I have never left him for more than 24 hours before. What am I going to do?!?!?!

In other news, Judah hasn't had fever in about 2 whole days! I have no idea what was up with him. He had what Des and I refer to as, "phantom fever". It comes on just as quickly as it goes without any explanation. So strange! But Praise the Lord it's gone!

Ok that's all I have for today...I need to go 4 houses down to see my lovely sister!

PS. I am setting up meals for them while she is on bed rest. We don't need every night, only on Mon. and Wed. nights. If you are interested in doing this for them, please leave me a comment saying what night and week you would like. I have the next 2 weeks covered starting next Mon. but after that, I need people. Just let me know if you are interested! Thanks guys!


bullets said...

thats right birthday in brussels...lookout!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Month to you!

I know Belgium won't be as MUCH fun without your sis, but you'll still have a great time and God still has something wonderful in store for both you AND her!

I want to bring a meal to Destiny. Mondays are best, so I can take the next available Monday and could even do every Monday-I mean, it's not like there's 10 of them or anything. I can just make extra that day-but I don't want to rob anyone of the blessing of helping them out either! Just let me know.

Glad to hear your little man is doing better!

shelleygribbin said...

Courtney, you're so awesome!
I would love to help with meals.
I can do the next open Wed nite.

Let me know! love you!

Christine said...

It's my birthday month, too... My bday is on the 25th! You share a birthday with my twins - They'll be 8 on the 24th!

I wish I was close enough to bring a meal to your sis. :o( I'll send prayers instead! :o)