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The State Fair of Texas!!!!!

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I love the State fair! It brings joy to my life, for real! I know some people hate it and think it's boring. NOPE, NOT ME!!! I enjoy every minute of it! My husband loves it too, thank God or we would be in trouble :)

Yesterday, we decided, would be a perfect day to go to the fair. On Thursdays if you bring a Cinemark movie stub you get in for free. We like "free" considering we have so many kids. Things get mighty expensive for a family of 6. The day started off at 5:45am for me. I have been working with Brad Shull doing a Daycare photo shoot all week. He has been needing to pick me up by 7am every morning to get there by 8am to start. Now those of you who know me, know that I am NOT an early morning person. I just don't do mornings but I managed to get up and and be some what awake by the time I got to the photo shoot :) Go me!!!! I'll write about my work week in another blog later.

I got home around 1:00pm and started getting everyone ready for the fair. We had to meet my parents, Austin and Hannah and Preston at my parents house at 2pm. But before that we had to get Ashlyn out of school early cause we were not going to have a wonderful day without her, school or no school! 

By the time we parked and got inside, it was about 3:30pm. They smell of all that fried food made me hungry immediately! On a side note: why is it that fairs believe that everything is better fried? They had fried, green beans, fried cheese cake, fried peanut butter and jelly, fried lattes, fried pickles, fried cookie dough, and list goes on.  While I do believe that a lot of things are better fried, NOT EVERYTHING IS GOOD FRIED! Fried peanut butter and jelly?? Are you serious???

The kids had a blast! There is nothing like seeing their little faces light up when they see something they have never seen before. I'm sure every parents mission is to show their kids new and exciting things. Mine is for sure. I now fully understand when people refer to parents as "living vicariously through their children". I can get a little obsessed with making them do things that I loved to do as a child. I hope I'm not scaring them :)

The day was filled with lots of eating, playing, eating, walking, eating, watching shows, and did I mention EATING???? We have a few traditions at the fair. We always have to let the kids participate in the Backyard Circus, walk through the farm, visit the ginormous petting zoo and eat at the food pavilion. Here are some pictures of the day! The whole group!
Judah Boy
Kadyn PromiseMaddy PaigeAshlyn RoseMom and DadPrestonAustin and HannahThe Petting ZooI can't believe they weren't scared!!!The girls participated in a "Pee Wee Stampede" They were so cute :)Judah had fun watching his sisters perform.. Backyard CircusThey were butterfly ballerina'sMy little FarmersTaking a restThe Texas state Fair has really upgraded on their parade quality! It was actually good this year. The girls LOVED it...Kadyn couldn't see so I had to put her on my shoulders.The last thing of the day was the Illumination Sensation show! Gigi and Ashlyn enjoying the showNathan and PrestonJudah loved the show tooKadyn wasn't sure about the fireworks, so Poppy had to hold her.Everytime the fireworks would shoot off, Kadyn would put her head on Popp's shoulder and suck her thumb. She was nervous.Ashlyn wanted me to take this picture. This is how she wanted to pose. My little want to be model..

By the end of the day, I was exhausted and so were the kids but it was a fabulous day. Another State Fair in the books! 


Monica said...

Looks like you had a great day. BTW, I had the fried PB &J, and it is delicious:)!

Aaron & Christina said...

You did such a good job taking pics!!!! I love it! And Judah is so precious...well, so are all of your kids! I just love them! So glad ya'll had a such a fun day! Maybe next year we'll go with you too! Actually, this time next year, I'll hopefully be huge with child...so maybe you'll just have to bring home some fried goodness for me! But not the PB&J! Love you!

Mel said...

Looks like ya'll had a wondeful, fun-filled afternoon! I bet Des & Jon & Lyric were missing being with ya'll. Preston looks GREAT - although a bit thin. I'm sure he will be glad to eat solid food again soon.

You're right - seeing the kids eyes all lit up is so sweet!

Des said...

man! I'm so jealous! I wish I could have gone. AND I wish Jon wouldn't have been a butt head and taken Lyric with you guys. She would have had so much fun.
Oh well! Next year!

Des said...
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Tracee said...

That looks so fun! Maybe we should take the kids out there...we haven't gone in years. Anthony's main mission at the fair is to eat EVERYTHING in sight!...you know, I've eaten fried macaroni and it was disappointing, could have been much better;-)P.S. Great memories you are building for the kids Courtney; Love you!!

Sylvia said...

Great work.