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A little slice of heaven...

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......Cabo San Lucas,Mexico....possibly the most heavenly places on the face of the planet! Nathan and I had the privilege of taking an impromptu trip to this glorious place last week (No, don't worry we didn't get the swine flu). This was our first actual vacation ALONE with no kids, family, friends or a team that we had to lead since our honeymoon. I have to admit, I wrestled with major feelings of guilt and selfishness before I left. However, I knew that Nathan and I needed this trip REALLY BAD!! I really can't believe that we actually were able to go. We were blessed beyond belief by Ray and Teddi Baker. They let us have 1 of their time share weeks in Cabo and we were BLOWN AWAY by their kindness. Ahhh!!!! Thanks you guys! You have no idea how AMAZING this was for us! Truly the MOST memorable trip EVER!

We left early Sat. June 6th at about 5am and came back June 12th. We flew from here to Houston then from Houston to Cabo San Lucas. Here is an aerial shot of Cabo as we flew in.

The resort was out of this world!!! It's called Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. It was located on the side of a mountain and overlooked the beach. Spectacular!!!! Besides a little excursion of Jet skiing in the pacific ocean we did one day, all we did ALL week was lounge by the pool or beach for 5 to 6 hours at a time reading and listening to teachings or music on our ipods while sipping on diet cokes. Jealous? I would be too :)
Sitting on our balcony
View from our balcony

Pics of our fantastic 1 Bedroom suit!:

Guest bathroom

Master suit and bath

Where he spent most of his days :) in that lounge chair

An end to what we called our "PERFECT DAY"! Dinner at sunset!

Isn't he AMAZING? I fell deeper in love with this man on this trip! He rocks my world!!

Taken during one of our night strolls on the beach

This is why they call it Sunset Beach. The pic doesn't do it justice.

Our cabana where we spent most of our days

The last night :( but we were ready to see our kids!

So there it is! Our 2nd honeymoon as we like to call it :) We came back feeling refreshed and ready for life again. I am so grateful for the opportunity! Thank you to the Smiths, Shulls, Bakers and Vandeputs for keeping my precious children. Without you, this much needed getaway would not have been possible. I love you guys more than I can say! Thank you for your sacrifice! You are AWESOME!!!!


Linda said...

How gorgeous!!! Glad that you got to get away!

Brad Shull said...

What a nice place! The Bakers blessed you guys BIG TIME!

Zanna said...

OMG! That sunset it's breathe taking! Ok seeing that sunset makes me wish I could of seen that in person. I am offically jealous! ;)
I'm so glad y'all got a vacation! I'm also glad you came back refreshed too!! Love y'all!!!