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New adventures of a SAHM!

Posted by Courtney |

I thought this picture was funny! It totally describes how I feel sometimes :) FRAZZLED!!! I wonder if that's how I really look in those times too. Eyes blood shot and my hair all a mess with kids puking and smelling from a disgusting diaper? Probably.


You would think that after having been married for 9 years and with 4 kids under my belt that I would have this SAHM (stay at home mom) thing down. Nope. I am discovering new ways all the time on how to make the most of my days at home with the kids. My new found adventure is....drum roll please.....


I have never done this before. Shocking I know. I guess it always seemed to daunting and time consuming for me especially having such small kids in the house and not feeling like I have time for anything other than staying sane. However, I realized that I could have been saving my family TONS of money if I would have just done this before. Oh well, this is the new me! The coupon cutting me!!! It truly helps having another SAHM who lives 4 houses down to do it with. That would be my lovely sister, Destiny. We are determined to save money. I feel so funny getting excited about cutting coupons. In my opinion this is the epitome of a SAHM. I would always make fun of people like this, honestly. But seeing the error of my ways, I too have joined the coupon cutting club. Destiny and I are going to buy a coupon book so we can be so organized and everything.

Ok, enough of the boring coupon cutting talk, another thing I have started doing for my family is, Meal planning. Another 'Duh' thing to do I know, but for some reason, I was never good at doing it. I felt over whelmed at the thought of planning meals for the week. Cause what if Nathan didn't want that meal I had planned and I would have wasted money. I finally got over that and realized I just needed to say, "oh well, get over it. This is what we're having." My favorite website for recipes is www.thepioneerwoman.com. Every recipe I have tried have been absolutely delicious as well as a HUGE hit with the family.

This week's meal plan is:
Tues- Chicken & rice with green beans and french bread
Wed- leftovers
Thurs- Manicotti & ceasar salad
Frid- Shabbat Mexican themed potluck
Sat- Homemade chicken salad sandwiches
Sun- Homemade beef stew

I have found a new passion for cooking as well as baking. I'm going to be baking some homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast for Saturday morning. Now if I can find a passion for laundry, then I would be the greatest SAHM EVER!!!! Not to mention my husband would kiss the very ground I walked on. Don't know if I'll ever embark on that adventure. Is there a "Good at doing laundry" pill that I could purchase? That would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

oh that is awesome! i used to be coupon queen, until i started buying seventh generation and brands like that from whole foods, but i have been finding that coupons in the organic/non-toxic genre are FINALLY starting to come out more, not as much as the sunday paper of course. but. :) I LOVE meal planning, i can't wait till i can do it for more than one or two nights, having a kiddo will bring the opportunity for more than one night at home a week! yea! proud of you girls and excited for your excitement. - tiff

SARAH said...

I love the pioneer woman stuff! Favorite one is Pasta al la vodka :) Its really creamy & prolly not good for you at all! :)

We are doing a mexican shabbat at the Gadbeery's too... gonna bust out my Chicken Enchiladas!

Anyways.. have an awesome day!
Love ya Court!

Carrie said...

Let me know how those cinnamon rolls turn out and pass on that recipe...please :)

Lolly said...

That picture is hilarious, Court! I think I've worn that look before. You, on the other hand, on your worst day would never look that way!

Lolly said...

I think he already kisses the ground you walk on! ;-p

Josh Briscoe said...

I've been trying to do the meal planning thing for ages and it just isn't working!!! arg!! There are just too many things I'm not supposed to eat.... and then when I cook those kinds of meals that I should eat, neither emily nor Josh will eat them. You're right, though, I just need to do it and not care what they think! I'll try again next week ;-) marian

I*am*isleen said...

Wow, I did not realize that you go through so much as a mom. You always seem to have it together and you always look great when I see you @ church or at a function. Take a break if you can. I have also started to clip coupons and save $$$ recently. I told my friend about this website call the The Grocery Game which she has saved lots of $$$ for her family. Check her blog when you get a chance at http://jomommalee.blogspot.com/2009/05/want-to-save-money-on-groceries.html

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I hve a passion for laundry but ot cooking. I was a great stay at home mom, but we did a lot of lunches at McDonalds! That was the only place with a playyard back "then". Is there a perfect mom with a passion for everything? I wonder........

Nanci W.