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I can't believe this day is actually here!!!

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My little son, Judah has officially jumped on the walking train. I thought this day would never get here. After all he is 17 months old. That is the latest any of my kids have EVER started walking. Kadyn was 14 months old and I thought that was late but NOOOOOO....17 months takes the cake.

He took his first steps about 2 months ago but never really had an interest in walking. He knew that crawling got him where he wanted go and QUICKLY!!! He literally was the fastest crawler I had ever seen. Anyone that saw him crawl would say the same thing. It was seriously hilarious. That boy loves speed and walking was just not fast enough for him. Until now. It probably didn't help that he had 3 older sisters who think they are his mom and carry him around the house like he's a baby doll. He even yells out, "Maddy, Maddy" with his arms raised when we wants to go somewhere. Smart I tell you.

Here is a video of his new found love:

Way to go Judah!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of walking! We are so proud of you!!!! I love you Judah boy!


Lolly said...

Awwww! I have to admit-I was holding my breath when he went close to the brick hearth! As if you would video him cracking his head open on the hearth and then put it on your blog!!! I know, crazy! I am so proud of Judah!

Katie Leckie said...

oh that's awesome...glad he's walking.

Jerri said...

I'm so glad someone else besides me said something about the brick hearth. I'm just sayin that's dangerous! And I'm so proud of Judah boy! He's a walker now! Woohoo! He's entered a new world! I love him so much....

Des said...

um, can you say GRANDMA alert on this blog comments :)
So proud of my Judah boy!