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After 7 1/2 years, it's finally over!

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I no longer have wet, smelly, poopy, disgusting diapers to change!!!!

My last and final child is potty trained!! Let's all stop and do the happy dance for me!

This is a big moment in a mother's life (DUH!!!). A moment that I am thanking God for every second of the day!!

After having 4 children in diapers for approx. 2 years each, with an average of 6 diaper changes a day, that's 17, 520 DIAPERS that I've changed in my 7 1/2 years of being a parent. Not to mention all of Judah's issues he had about 9 months ago. That's A LOT OF DIAPERS!!!!

Early on as a mother, I thought that this moment was NEVER going to happen. I mean, you can't see beyond what's right in front of you face most days as a mother. Older mom's would say to me, "Appreciate every second cause it goes by so fast". I would think, "yeah yeah. The kids running all around you, snot on your clothes from noses that constantly run, poop on your jeans, laundry up to your ears, the "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mom, MOM" that you've tuned out because you've heard it 600,000 times that MORNING, you mean THAT I'm going to miss???!!! I could only wish.

But times like these it makes you appreciate it all. You take a step back and think..."Hmm....wow....it really does go by way to fast".

So Judah is officially potty trained. He is doing so well and was so easy to potty train, despite my fears. Everyone told me boys are way harder to potty train than girls. Well I had 3 girls and they were relatively easy. I was terrified to potty train Judah. Maybe Judah is unusual or something because I think he was easier than the girls. By the end of the first day, he had mastered the technique. End of 2nd day he was deciding when he needed to go. Then by the 3rd day, he was a full fledged potty trained machine. I am so proud of him. I mean he still has an accidents, but not very often. He honestly acted like it was no big deal. Like, "Duh mom, I was just tricking you my entire existence to see how long I could ride this whole changing service thing out."

So life is grand! I am diaper FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only thing I'm going to miss.....the diaper bags. I have this obsession with them. Maybe I can switch my obsession to hand bags..... WAHAHAHAAAA (evil villain laugh)


Des said...

I love that his picture is the one sitting on Lyric's princess potty. He's going to love you for that in 10 years :-)