6:19 AM

A little disappointed

Posted by Courtney |

Moving oversea is definitely not easy. But I was thinking it would be a little less complicated than it has been. You know with having family living over here already and having a Belgian brother in law it just seems like it would be pretty smooth sailing. And it really has except for dealing with stupid visas.

We were told that all we had to do was get Nathan a visa and everything would be great. Me and the kids would go over on his visa and be able to get our ID cards, insurance, & kid credits from the government. Yes we can BUT it's a MUCH longer process. We went today to register at the commune of Waterloo in order to get our ID cards etc... The sweet woman behind the desk, informed us that while yes it's legal for us to do that, she now has to send off my paper work to the ministry of Interior to ask permission to give me and the kids ID cards. This process could take several months. Therefore we aren't going to be "officially" living here until we get our ID cards.


This means that I can't register the kids for school, which means it will be that much longer for them to learn the language. I am pretty bummed. This isn't the end of the world news but we've already been dealing with Nathan's visa stuff for over 4 months now and the thought of dealing with even more visa issues for another God knows how long, just completely discourages me.

I know God is in control so I will trust that He knows exactly what he's doing. I guess this means that we can come back to Texas anytime in Oct and come back as late as we want :) This could be a really good thing for us, but I just have to get over my plans I had made for the rest of the year. I have to focus on the positive. I have to focus on the positive. Nathan at least has HIS ID card. We can at least get a bank account now!! Woohoo!!

So here we are again....waiting...waiting....waiting. Hopefully we'll hear an answer before we have to leave in Oct. If we don't, not sure what we'll do then. Oh God, please cause this process to go fast!!!

I'm told, this is all part of the process of moving over seas, but I wish it wasn't so. I just want to have ALL THIS BEHIND US!!!!